Jennifer is a fully trained and experienced nail technician offering a wide variety of nail services and treatments.

    Jennifer only uses the best Professional products in all her treatments such as Bio Sculpture, Navy professional, Nails-Luxe and Elim. She is meticulous in her work and prides herself on being a perfectionist.



Bio-Sculpture gel Overlay                                    £32

Bio-Sculpture gel overlays with added strength £34

Soak off                                                                 £10

Soak off with re-application                                  £5

Bio-Sculpture gel overlay on toes                       £28

Nail art inc French                                                  £5


File and polish                                                       £15

Mini Manicure                                                      £22

Luxury Manicure                                                  £30


*add a restoring hand scrub, softening hand wash, moisturising cream

balm with a relaxing hand massage, hydrating cuticle

oil and gold spritz for an extra £5


File and polish (toes)                                            £15

Elim Pedicure                                                        £25

Elim Luxury Pedicure                                           £45


*add Bio Sculpture gel to any Elim pedicure for an extra £15